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Come join us on our upcoming Central Florida Orchid/Wildflower Walk on June 4, 2016!

Price is $10 in advance (to a maximum of $30 for a family of any size) or $15 on the day of the walk (maximum of $45 per family).
NOTE: advanced registration is non-refundable if you are unable to make it to the walk.

We are limiting this walk to 20 participants total for logistics purposes.

Number of Participants in Your Party

We are currently taking online registrations for the upcoming Orchid and Wildflower Walk on June 4, 2016. We will begin at 8AM from the Burger King parking lot near the corner of East Colonial Drive and Alafaya Trail and drive to our destinations, observing some species of orchids along the way. Our first destination will be Fort Christmas Historical Park, with an ETA of 9AM. We will spend an hour walking the park and observing the Florida Butterfly Orchid (Encyclia tampensis) in flower and another surprise epiphytic orchid species as well.

We plan to arrive at Orlando Wetlands Park around 10AM and hike along the trails there to see what we may. We should catch more Butterfly Orchids, Greenfly Orchids, and our mystery orchid there, along with many other interesting botanical species. We plan on wrapping up by noon at the latest.

Where to meet: Burger King near corner of East Colonial Drive and Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL. Address: 11834 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32826. Click here for map.
What we will see: at least four species of orchids, two of which will be in flower (Grass Pink Orchids and Florida Butterfly Orchids), lots of other interesting plants and flowers, and wildlife (last year we saw a hummingbird, a pygmy rattlesnake, lots of water birds, and a few alligators).
What to wear: long pants, close-toed shoes that you don't mind getting a bit muddy, loose shirt, hat (for sun protection).
What to bring: camera, insect repellant, plenty of water, snacks, rain poncho or umbrella (this is Florida, after all).
Length of hike: About 1/2 mile at Orlando Wetlands Park. About 1/4 mile at Fort Christmas Historical Park.
Ruggedness of hike: Occasional tree roots, occasional mud. Not wheelchair or handicapped friendly. We plan on taking a leisurely hike, however, so it should not be particularly strenuous.

Here is my contact information, in case you get delayed and need to find out where we are at the present time:
Cell Number: 321-356-8671 (call or text)
E-mail address:

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